Thursday, January 6


Babe suck and is fucked

Today we finally saw a waterfall, but we had no chance of making love there. Too many people around! Then I decided to teach Polina to drive a motorbike. I showed her how to start it, what pedals to press, but she was too scared to drive by herself. Anyway, we found another way to use a motorbike, a much more interesting way. Polina looked so hot in a helmet, like some bike-show chick. She took off everything except her helmet, and I got really hard! Man, I'll never forget that extreme sex of ours! Banging a chick on a motorbike on a deserted road - what can be better than that? Fucking on a motorbike is quite dangerous, as you can fall from it, but believe me, it's worth the risk! You don't believe me? Well, either watch this video or try it yourself!

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